Sarah Smith [CA]

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Sarah Smith - MusicClubSarah Smith live erleben im MusicClub in Schmölln! Am Samstag, 29. September 2018, ab 21 Uhr!

Sarah Smith is exactly where she needs to be.
As she shares her third full-length CD, 11, with the world, the London, Ontario pop/rock singer-songwriter is reflecting on lessons learned and dreaming of a bright future.

“This album sums up the last few years of my life,” Sarah says. “Searching for happiness, I came across misery. Wanting to succeed, I discovered how to fail. Trying to balance, I ended …weiterlesen auf der Webseite

Facebook Veranstaltung

Southern Rock / Pop

MusicClub Schmölln
An der Sprotte 5/1, 04626 Schmölln


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Seit 2017 publizieren wir Inhalte für Schmölln und engagieren uns ehrenamtlich. Gemeinsam stark!

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